Revival Journal

With so many stunning and beautiful designs coming to life, we have been keeping a journal of discovery and revival.

Our mission is to celebrate the world of past, hand drawn, Australian designs and share them with current and future designers and others who are lovers of art – and have some fun at the same time!

Margaux Everett CEO & David Lennie Director Australian Museum of Design

Thank you to our Investors

Margaux Everett and David Lennie say a big Thank you to our Investors who purchased shares in the Australian Museum of Design, contributing to the preservation of Australian Design History.

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Australian Museum of Design Sponsor a Gift Inside Contents

Sponsor a Design

Sponsor A Design in your name, or gift and preserve Australian Design History. Receive a 2% royalty payment from any licensing fees received by AMoD during the 24 months.

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Interview Christine Berry Restoration Design Australian Museum Design

Restoration Design with Christine Berry

Follow this incredible journey of a design from c1890’s to today – 130 years later, with Margaux Everett of Australian Museum of Design and Christine Berry who worked with Signature Hand Prints in the 1980’s. Christine was very much involved in the design studio, responsible for restoring original designs for architects, National Trust and others. Sometimes designs would be damaged, and Christine would reconstruct them by hand, and prepare them for hand printing for wallpapers.

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Kismet in 3D

Kismet in 3D Imagine being able to touch a design and then see it in 3D.  See it in a way the artist had created

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Finding David Miles

7 boxes from our design library to re-discover designs from the original David Miles collection that had not been seen by the public for more than 30 years.

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Design Collection History

The heritage and cultural significance of the AMoD collection has been acknowledged by the Powerhouse Museum. The design community and Australian institutions acknowledge there isn’t another equivalent of our collection.

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Donald Bruce Clark Australian Museum of Design

Bruce Clark Memorabilia

We are very grateful for your words and in sharing the memories of your childhood, growing up with colour and beautiful designs.
We look forward to remembering your family as an important part of Australian Design History in our virtual museum.

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Blume Damask

Blume Damask This intricate design consists of delicate patterns and hand drawn with multiple layers allowing several ink colours.  Originally it was used for wallpaper

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Claudia Chan Shaw Photo by John Paul Urizar (2) Founding Member AMOD Advisory Group

ARTS FRIDAY with Claudia Chan Shaw

We met with Claudia Chan Shaw, Sydney born creative who has a career spanning art and design, photography, curating, television and radio presenting, arts commentary and more. David and I will be speaking with her on her ARTS FRIDAY radio program this week.

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ABC News Sydney

Thank you to the ABC News Sydney for covering the Australian Museum of Design and highlighting the importance of protecting our design library of 7,500, original hand drawn designs from Australian artists.

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