Premium Framed Artwork

Australian Museum of Design AMOD Limited Edition Printed Artwork with Premium and Contemporary Frames

Classic and Contemporary Framing

Hand-crafted picture framing is where the Left Bank story begins. We’ve been framing for over 30 years, using only the finest materials, sourced locally and sustainably wherever possible. Today, our team of expert framers produce gallery-quality framed artwork for artists and designers around the world.


Our partners at Left Bank Art Group custom build every frame by their team of experts in their workshop. They don’t use any ready-made frames at all! With old school craftsmanship, new technology, and some serious attention to detail, they offer the finest custom picture framing for projects of all sizes.

Standard Frame

This is where we simply place the glazing directly on top of the art without spacers or mat board.

Shadow Box Frame

Our contemporary framing option includes a spacer, which pushes the artwork to the back of the frame and keeps the glazing at the front of the frame, for a bespoke, modern look. We use a 2cm wide and 4cm deep box frame, available in a select range of finishes.

Floating Paper Box Framing

This style of art is perfect for those pieces with a raw deckled edge. We float the artwork on a 3-5mm backing then use spacers and a bottom mat board to create depth and space between the art and the edge of the box frame.

Classing Framing

Our classic framing option includes a mat board (mount) surrounding the artwork, for a traditional look. We offer 2 choices of mat board - cool white or warm white. We use a 2cm wide and 4cm deep box frame, available in a select range of finishes.


Australian made, done the right way. Natural, acid-free materials. We use solid wood frames wherever possible, only from local, sustainable sources. All of the backing boards and mat boards we use are acid-free. We avoid MDF or any other type of reconstituted materials.


Black Matte
White Matte

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak - Raw Tasmanian Oak - Coffee Tasmanian Oak - Chocolate Tasmanian Oak - Black Tasmanian Oak - White


When selecting how to protect your framed artwork with glazing, there are quite a few options. The first choice is – glass or acrylic? Glass in the standard as it is very resistant to scratches and has the luxurious look, however as it is breakable, it is not ideal for shipping, or for using in some situations where it could hurt someone if it were to smash. Acrylic is shatter-proof and lightweight, so it is a fantastic option for shipping and also installing into areas where safety is paramount. Being a plastic, it does scratch easier than glass, so care must be taken when cleaning it.


Eco, safe to transport.


Standard 2mm picture framing float glass is what we use across the majority of our everyday framing jobs. It is a cost effective way to protect your artwork. It provides around 40% UV filtering and it does reflect.

Art Glass

This product is a beautiful anti-reflective glazing that provides 70% UV filtering and eliminates almost all reflections. A highly recommended choice for artwork of any value, like limited edition prints and originals, or if your piece will be installed into a reflective area.

Want to know more?

We use expert framers who understand the importance of protecting the artwork as they prepare it. 

If you have any questions or would like to out find more information, why not book an appointment with us and chat about what you’d like.

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