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Innovative virtual reality business model will secure the future of the largest collection of Australian designs

The largest body of work by Australian artists and designers, more than 7,500 hand-drawn, original, designs, spanning more than fifty years, will finally be preserved through a newly created innovative virtual reality business – Australian Museum of Design (AMD).

Co-Founder and Managing Director of AMD Margaux Everett proudly announced, “We have built a unique and commercial virtual reality business model that will sustainably fund the preservation of the original works and through the creation of a digital design library provide licensed access to a new generation of designers. The early works date back to the 1960s and whilst the collection is valued at $9 million the truth is preserving and providing virtual access to the history of Australian design is priceless.”

“The Powerhouse Museum acknowledges our extensive library and has gratefully accepted donations of designs from our collection in the past.”

The unique financially viable business model allows investors to not only ensure the preservation of the collection, which is securely stored in Sydney, but share in a financial return on investment generated from digitising of the original hand drawn designs and making them available in 3D form, via an architecturally designed virtual reality museum where visitors can touch a design and see it come to life. Fashion houses, textile companies, designers, stylists, and the general public can access each of the 7,500 designs for commercial use under license.

Margaux Everett explained “The designs can be used to create retro or contemporary interpretations across diverse mediums such as fabrics, hand bags, stationery, clothing, curtains, and jewellery. The potential applications are endless. Designers will think of new applications that have never existed before. Imagine seeing the designs on a massive scale as a façade on a building or on hoardings at a construction site.”

“The very exciting news is that a limited selection will be made available as experiential NFT’s on the blockchain. Let’s face it, we all know how hot that market is right now, and we have rare Australian designs with rich stories that date back to famous Australian politician’s, National Trust buildings, even the design from the old Westpac library of early Australian currency. It is a really impressive design library.”

Co-Founder and Director David Lennie stated “Design History is considered very important in most developed countries throughout the world. In France, for example, they protect their design heritage by collating, digitising and printing the greats for consumption by the general public – all for the sake of the arts. Here in Australia we, as a young and maturing nation, have not placed quite the same values, especially in relation to design.”

“To date, in Australia, no one has attempted to document, and record safely, the movement and changes of design. The Australian Museum of Design is a safe place for artists to have their designs, and if desired, license them in our marketplace.

Who’s recording the recording?

There is a documentary film in the works which will reveal the hidden treasures that haven’t been seen for more than 30 years. AMD is embarking on a journey that will unlock the magic of these irreplaceable masterpieces for generations to come.

The Powerhouse Museum acknowledges our extensive library and has gratefully accepted donations of designs from our collection in the past. If you would like to be a shareholder in AMD and enjoy a financial return based on licensing the designs across the world and NFT sales, as well as, the altruistic outcome of preserving Australia’s design history for future generations then visit the AMD website.

Don’t watch the documentary with regret, own a part of it and be a part of the story told. 

The Australian Museum of Design will always have a collection of designs available for exclusive exhibitions and donations to the Powerhouse Museum.

Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

Margaux Everett Australian Museum of Design
David Lennie Australian Museum of Design

Margaux Everett

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Australian Museum of Design

David Lennie

Co-Founder and Director

Australian Museum of Design

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