Curators of Australian Design History

Australian Museum of Design was created in 2022 to be the custodian of Australian hand-drawn, original designs by artist including Noel Lyons, Bruce Clark, David Miles to name a few.

We have the largest body of work, more than 7,500 original, designs, spanning more than fifty years, and they will finally be preserved through our newly created innovative virtual reality business – Australian Museum of Design (AMoD).

Whilst the collection has a replacement valued of more than $9 million the truth is preserving and providing virtual access to the history of Australian design is priceless.

The Powerhouse Museum acknowledges our extensive library and has gratefully accepted donations of designs from our collection in the past.

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Importance of Australian Design History

As an example from recent history – a selection of the Florence Broadhurst library of designs, rediscovered in 1989, were scanned, digitised and used for wallpaper and fabrics by architects and interior designers locally in Australia and parts of the world.  Most importantly, they were available for students to use for their study of art and design. Fashion icon Akira, is noted as using a number of designs for his couture as far back as 2000.

Whilst the Florence Broadhurst designs are NOT within our collection, it demonstrates the importance of protecting Australian design history before it is lost. It also reconfirms the desire of people to experience the history of original hand drawn designs from Australian artists.

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How will it work?

Today, Immersive Technology has changed the architectural design process and you can experience the design of our museum, without the construction.

Virtual reality technology has transformed the way people are able to step into a truly immersive and interactive world. The goal of our museum in using this technology is a huge leap forward in being able to showcase the 7,500 designs to the world through space and digital technology.

It is our goal for visitors to enter our virtual reality museum as if they were visiting in the real world. Walking into an open space with galleries of designs, curated and catalogued for people to select a collection as they desire. Using virtual reality technology enables a museum visitor to ‘touch’ a design and bring it to life in a way that only the original artist had imagined. Each design layer separated and presented in a 3 dimensional display that educates on the intricate process that only authentic, hand drawn designs can show

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Own part of Australian design history

Co-Founder and Managing Director of AMD Margaux Everett proudly announced, “We have built a unique and commercial viable business model that will sustainably fund the preservation of the original works and through the creation of a digital design library provide licensed access to a new generation of designers. The early works date back to the 1960s and whilst the collection has a replacement valued of more than $9 million the truth is preserving and providing virtual access to the history of Australian design is priceless.”

How you can invest and be a shareholder

The ask:

Please share our story with your friends and across your network so they have the opportunity to learn about our project as well, and hopefully decide to become investors/shareholders.


We are very grateful for all the ‘Likes’ we’ve received and new ‘Followers’, however, if this design library has a chance to be saved, we need people to get behind it and invest in saving it. Even from as little as $100. 

Click through to the ASIC approved Birchal crowd source platform to pledge your amount. If is not saved now, it will most likely be lost forever, and what a tragedy for Australian Art and Design History.

There’s nothing like a revival…