Australian Artists of Textile Designs

Margaret Clark Federation Fairies Australian Museum of Design

Margaret Clark – Artist

Margaret Clark Margaret Clark Margaret Clark, an acclaimed Australian illustrator, brought whimsy and charm to life through her enchanting ‘Federation Fairies’ series. Created in the

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Australian Museum of Design Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa – Artist

Akira Isogawa Photograph by Riste Andrievski Akira Isogawa The Australian Museum of Design ‘AMoD’ proudly announces a remarkable new collaboration with Akira Isogawa, one of

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Lloyd Foye Australian Museum of Design

Lloyd Foye – Artist

Lloyd Foye was selected to illustrate this culturally significant artwork collection. One of his strengths was the ability to draw people. When you look at the faces in the artworks, it is clear he was the obvious choice. The facial expressions drawn in Lloyds notorious line style, show more emotion than even a photograph could capture.

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Australian Museum of Design Noel Lyons

Noel Lyons – Artist

Noel Lyons Biography “Australians decorate for a perpetual summer, and do not favour sombre colours” Noel Lyons Noel Lyons (1936-1995) was an Australian textile and

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